Rate: $55 per active member Exit Sales: Yes Additional Income: Adult Links
Dialer: 40% dialer revenue Trials: Free Payout: Weekly check, PayPal, FedEx, wire
No Pop Up Link Codes: Yes Change Pop Up Order: Yes Options: Dialer By-pass, direct to join page
Free Content: Yes TGP Gallery Generator: Yes POTD: Yes

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You get paid $55 for each active membership!

We have 65 high performance adult paysites for you to promote. They are converting like there is no tomorrow and making webmasters “Big Time Green”.
You get paid $55 per active member. It doesn't matter which of our kick-ass paysites your surfers join. An Active Member is any signup that doesn't cancel or credit within the first seven days. Here's the best part. We give you the ability to program which sites pop-up and when! You can even program the amount of time between pop-ups. Our Followme-FREE program also accepts checks online, and pays Webmasters $55 per active Member.
We've added a dialer program to all of our Followme-FREE programs. Webmasters get paid 40% of ALL income for the life of the dialer.
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